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Blaine Woodgerd

Blaine, a skilled searcher, finds the best coverage for personal and commercial accounts at Glidewell. Relocating to Missoula to be close to family, he discovered his passion for insurance through Dave Glidewell. With a sense of belonging in the friendly team, Blaine feels at home in Missoula.

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My Story

Blaine is a searcher. He knows how to locate the best route or discover the finest product and procure the greatest deal. That is precisely how Blaine spends each day now, ‘searching’ for the best coverage for his personal lines as well as for his commercial accounts.  And it was how he ended up being blessed last year when Blaine was hired at Glidewell in the first place! Blaine is the husband of Juli Woodgerd for the past quarter century and is a son to 4th generation Missoulians.  Last year after searching for ways to make his lifelong dream come true, he became a Missoulian himself! 


He had a successful career in the printing and graphic arts field, selling digital printing equipment and services. Because Blaine was searching for a better life, he moved from the suburbs of Sothern California where he grew up, to Missoula to be close to his parents! His father’s friend, car auction expert Dave Glidewell and he were “searching” for an SUV to drive in his new Rocky Mountain hometown. Dave had Blaine come by the office one day and suggested he should get into insurance. This made sense to Blaine especially after he met the team of Glidewell agents who worked with him on the phone with setting up his own Health, Home and Auto insurance. Blaine already experienced everyone’s professional, friendly, and extremely helpful manner so he knew the ‘search was over’ almost immediately!  Although the workload keeps him extremely busy, he can be counted on to share a big laugh with a co-worker when he (or anyone) is searching for stress relief! 


Though he only visited Missoula every couple of years during his life, making the move to Glidewell, and to Missoula as a whole, Blaine truly feels like he has finally come home.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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