Blaine Woodgerd.

Commercial Insurance Advisor –

Blaine Woodgerd is a searcher. He knows how to locate the best route or discover the finest product and procure the greatest deal. That is precisely how Blaine spends each day at Glidewell –’searching’ for the best coverage for his commercial accounts.


Blaine is husband to Juli Woodgerd for the past quarter century, and is a son to 4th generation Montanans. Years after searching for ways to make his lifelong dream come true, he finally became a Missoulian himself!


Blaine joined Glidewell in 2020. Although the workload keeps him extremely busy, he can be counted on to share a big laugh with a co-worker when he (or anyone) is searching for stress relief!  


Though he always enjoyed visiting family in Missoula throughout his entire life, making the move with his wife to Missoula, and to Glidewell for his career, Blaine feels like he has finally come home.