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Not even GiiG’s Official Crystal Ball can predict what will happen next with Covid.

Partially because Covid is so heinous even the world’s best epidemiologists struggle with forecasting its direction and impact.

But mostly because GiiG’s Official Crystal Ball is just an old 8-ball that has become an office mascot.

HOWEVER…GiiG’s 8-Ball does have some insight and predictions in three areas that could, or will, impact all of our readers in one fashion or another.

Car Insurance:

We consulted Captain 8-Ball (his preferred title) on his prediction for Car Insurance Rates and he says…

Auto Insurance Rates to stay flat!

Our suspicion is Captain 8-Ball knows that driving mileage is down 12% across the United States, which means fewer accidents.

It is logical that fewer accidents would result in flat auto insurance rates.

If Captain 8-Ball is wrong in his prediction it is probably because even though there have been fewer accidents, the severity of claims have risen…which means insurance companies have had to pay out more per claims.

We have a lot of confidence in Captain 8-ball…but here at GiiG we will be keeping an eye on this situation all the same.

Here are three tips regarding your auto insurance:

1. Keep your relationship with your agent open. Auto insurance is changing…some carriers are introducing “pay by the mile”…some are introducing new discount opportunities.

If you have a good agent – they will be keeping you abreast of these.

2. When was the last time you reviewed all of your limits and options? People’s lives often change but their insurance doesn’t keep up with them…has yours?

3. Please drive safely. One of the theories as to why the average auto insurance claim has risen is fewer cars on the highways has led to people driving faster…which would result in more severe accidents.