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Dave Glidewell

Dave, the Patriarch of Glidewell, is a knowledgeable and engaging leader with a strong background in finance. His founding of the company in 1980, along with his character and core values, have made him instrumental in guiding Glidewell's success.

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My Story

Dave is the Patriarch of Glidewell.

Born and raised on a dairy farm in Corvallis, Montana, he knew in high school that math and economics held a fascination for him.

Leaving the farm in 1967, he entered the world of business.  He achieved several insurance degrees.

In 1980 he established Glidewell Insurance.  His two adult sons joined him in the business. 

With Dave’s inquisitive nature combined with his expansive list of interests, he is a delightful conversationalist, finding common ground with all who cross his threshold.

Dave’s financial acumen in business, world economics, and of the history of the stock market make him an unparalleled source of experience and information.

Above all, Dave’s character, spiritual leadership, and core values make him the Mainmast of the ship of Glidewell.



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