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Carolyn Glidewell

Carolyn's 40+ years at Glidewell have made her a vital multitasker, filling in wherever needed. From answering calls and managing finances to offering support and prayers, she embodies the nurturing presence of a mother to both her family and the agency.

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My Story

Carolyn has been the “jack of all trades” in the agency during her 40+ years with Glidewell.

When needed, she has filled in at one time or another at almost every position.

She loves answering the telephone and chatting with our clients.  She pays the bills and handles payroll.  She is the janitor and the supply clerk.  And she can be counted on to pray with a co-worker when there is a need.  She is not only the Mom to Mark Glidewell and Paul Glidewell but is the “Mom” to the agency as well. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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