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Our Team is Growing.

Work with purpose. Impact your community. Enjoy your job.


Glidewell is currently hiring for the following position(s):

  • Personal Insurance Advisor with a servant’s heart.

At Glidewell, we help people find freedom through finances. We have an amazing team that is on a mission.


We are excited about the growth and all the new ways our team will be able to focus their efforts on serving others. What a blessing!!! That said, we need to hire a couple of amazing individuals.


This is where you come in. We are looking for a self starter who has solid communications skills, is emotionally intelligent and a high achiever.


Glidewell’s success is due to their amazing team of selfless people who thrive on helping others succeed, all within a family environment that is Glidewell.

A bit about Glidewell.

Unfortunately, everybody has witnessed or experienced the consequences of poor financial decisions due to the lack of proper education and/or guidance. A mortgage payment that is too high, excessive fees, exorbitant interest, unreasonable insurance premiums, inadequate insurance coverage, pressured into unhealthy financial decisions from unprofessional “salesmen”, poor investment advice…just to name a few. These are all financial injustices, and they can easily flood into every area our life, carrying relationships and marriages downstream with them.


Glidewell believes its purpose is to take a stand against financial injustice—to be a group of Insurance and Investment Advisors that serve people with wisdom and genuine concern. Getting to know their clients, understanding their needs, and empowering them with the relevant information they need for financial success. Our business isn’t to solely perform transactions. Glidewell aims to build genuine relationships with people and provide insurance and investments with openness, education, and real answers. Simply put, we help people find freedom through finances.


Who you will work with:

Although you would be an employee of Glidewell and part of the entire team, you would primarily work with the Property & Casualty Insurance Team. Stephen, Christopher, Rosanne and Seth are extremely kind people. They have amazing hearts and do an outstanding job at helping people people find freedom in their finances. All who work with them consider it a blessing!

You can check out the rest of the Glidewell Team here.

MicrosoftTeams-image (22).png
VanNoteChristiopher _H8A0883.jpg
GIIG SmithResset _H8A2326.jpg
HidayRoseann _H8A2188.jpg

Required Experience and Certifications.

None. That’s right. You do not need any industry experience, prior work history, certifications, or licenses. The primary prerequisite to working at Glidewell is being able to genuinely put others needs before your own. You need to be selfless.


Other than that, you need to be an organized self-motivator that is willing to help people find freedom in their finances.


We make a positive difference in the lives of people in our community. You may not think that an insurance sales role or administrative work can be impacting, but it is. This is not a job. This is not a career. This is a mission that you can be a part of.

What do other employees say about working at Glidewell?

untitled BalyeatJake _H8A9772.jpg

"Significance. Purpose. Changing lives. The work we do matters. And the team is great!"

Jake Balyeat


"I love the people I work with."

Kyra Mycroft

JonesMatt _H8A4190.jpg

"Honestly, because it's the best people to work with...ever!"

Matt Jones

How to apply:

If you would like to apply for this position, simply email your resume to


Once you have emailed the resume, send a text message to Brandon at 406-888-6752.

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