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Christopher Van Note

Christopher is a married father of three working at Glidewell. He originally met Glidewell through the Dave Ramsey ELP network and now leads the personal and commercial insurance department. He enjoys the complexities of the insurance industry and loves teaching about it.

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My Story

Christopher is tremendously blessed to work at Glidewell. A father of three kids and married to his lovely wife Kailah, he enjoys working in an industry with the complexities that insurance can bring. Following several years working in the cell phone industry, he moved to Glidewell after learning about the agency through the Dave Ramsey ELP network. He loves the atmosphere of the office culture and the way that each employee cares for their customers. Starting out in ministry and commercial insurance, he now leads the personal and commercial insurance department as the EVP of Property & Casualty. You may occasionally speak with him on the phone when making a change to your personal policy, as he also serves on the service team. He is a bit of an insurance nerd, and loves reading policy language, and enjoys teaching about insurance whenever he can.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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