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Rosanne Hiday

Rosanne, born in Missoula, treasures her 40-year marriage and raising three boys. Montana's seasons, especially hunting, bring her joy. Joining Glidewell in 1998, it's managing insurance needs and welcoming clients into the Glidewell family that fulfills her.

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My Story

Family holds immense importance for Rosanne. Having been born in Missoula, she has cherished a 40-year marriage with her sweetheart, Chance. Raising three boys has brought them immeasurable joy, as they now delight in their 7 adored grandchildren. Montana's distinct seasons, particularly hunting, snowmobiling, and biking, captivate Rosanne. Since joining Glidewell in 1998, she has found a new family, appreciating the agency's shared Christian values and commitment to assisting clients in achieving financial freedom. Rosanne takes pleasure in managing clients' insurance needs, warmly embracing them into the Glidewell family.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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