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Jack St. John

Chicago-born Jack fell in love with Montana while studying at the University of Montana. Joining Glidewell in 2022, he applies financial knowledge to assist businesses with insurance strategies. With a background in wildlife biology and mathematics, he excels in interpreting complex policies. Outside work, Jack enjoys hiking, hunting, and working out in Missoula.

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My Story

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Jack fell in love with Montana after moving to the state in 2018 to study at the University of Montana. Jack joined the Glidewell Family in July of 2022 after graduating from the U, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology, a minor in mathematics, and a Master of Public Administration - all while being a Presidential Leadership Scholar. While wildlife conservation remains his chief passion in life, he felt God calling him to serve at Glidewell and he has not looked back since.

Jack’s Father is a Financial Advisor and he loves applying the principles of financial responsibility he learned throughout his childhood to helping businesses achieve their financial goals through smart insurance strategies. His mathematical and technical background – having published a research paper on caribou population dynamics in 2022 – aid him in his ability to interpret the nuances of complex insurance policy language and the numbers behind it.

In his free time, Jack enjoys hiking, hunting, birdwatching, and working out. You may even run into him lifting weights, playing basketball, or trekking along his favorite trails after work here in Missoula!

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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