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Katrina Glidewell

Katrina, the exception, loves insurance and working with her in-laws. With six kids and two granddaughters, her true fulfillment comes from helping others with life insurance and navigating Medicare complexities.

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My Story

Katrina might be the exception when she says she loves insurance AND working with her in-laws…but she promises she does.

To quote Katrina, “I do love my in-laws…and I am grateful for insurance, with 6 kids, heaven knows we’ve used our fair share…but what I love more than anything is helping others.”

All of Katrina’s six children are nearly fully grown and she has two grand-daughters she loves to spoil…but after that very little brings the fulfillment helping others find the best solution for life insurance or resolve the common complexities of Medicare and Health insurance.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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