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Kyra Mycroft

Having grown up a Glidewell, Kyra is thrilled to now be part of the family business. With childhood memories of exploring the office and its intriguing desks, she is grateful to work alongside her grandparents and parents.

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My Story

My grandpa, Dave Glidewell, started Glidewell over 40 years ago. Thus, some of my earliest memories are of walking through the office and finding the person with the most exciting desk to investigate. It’s hard to believe that now as an adult, I get to be a part of the family business, working alongside my grandparents, parents, and coworkers who may as well be my family too. Today I no longer investigate others’ desks, but rather I greet customers on the phone or in person and do all I can to resolve any home and auto insurance questions customers have.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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