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Tamilla Simpson

Tamilla joined Glidewell in early 2023. Her career in the investment industry began in 1999 and lasted for 14 years before she decided to pursue opportunities in another field. However, her passion for teaching people about investing and finance never wavered. During COVID she made the decision to return to the world of investment. Outside of work, Tamilla’s favorite activities include playing with her new dog, hiking the beautiful Montana mountains, gardening in the spring and summer months, and singing and acting with her husband in musicals at The Ellen Theatre.

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My Story

Tamilla's faith journey is truly eclectic, having been molded by a Baptist father in the US Air Force, and Mennonite grandparents in High School. She and her four siblings were constantly moving so she quickly learned how to relate well with others and adapt to many different situations. As a young child with a strong Texas drawl, she learned how to love other cultures, particularly the foods. She was able to experience the United States and the world in ways she never would have had her father not been in the Air Force.

Tamilla attended Liberty University in VA, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. In 1999 she combined her skills from her first career in customer service with excellent math skills and joined the investment industry.  

In 2010 Tamilla moved to Montana after falling in love with and marrying a “Montana guy” and eventually found work as a shipping dispatcher for a large manufacturer until just before COVID.

Reading the book Money Possessions and Eternity by Randy Alcorn, she realized she needed to get back into the finance world.

She now feels like she has found where she belongs and is a vital part of the Bozeman area community, her church and has made Belgrade, Montana her home.

She has truly found her niche at Glidewell and is so very grateful and thankful to God and the Glidewell team for accepting her into the fold.

When she is not working, she is either outside hiking a mountain trail or tending her garden or performing in the dark recesses of a theatre or attending a Bible study.

She currently holds her securities license and her CRC and CLTC designations.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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